ZeroG Weightless Vac: What Can it Do?

ZeroG Weightless Vac: What Can it Do?

Picture of the ZeroG vacuum cleaner cleaning a ceiling fan

The better question may be “What can it NOT do?” As we explore our product we have discovered many more uses than originally intended and would love to share them with you here.


Cleaning the Tops of Doors & Window Sills

Your doors and window sills get dirty and the fact that they sit outside of regular eyesight means they don’t usually get the most attention. ZeroG: The Weightless Vac has the suction and portability to get the tops of your doors looking as good as new. Here are a few pictures of our lightweight canister vacuum in action:

Picture of the ZeroG cleaning the top edge of a doorPicture of the ZeroG vacuum cleaner cleaning a window sill

You can see how easily the tops of the doors and window sills are reached, cutting down on your cleaning time and cleaning better than other options on the market.


Picture of the ZeroG vacuum cleaner cleaning a computer keyboardKeyboards and Other Electronics

Our electronic devices and those used to control them get a considerable about of build up over time.  A small desk vacuum is not going to be able to do the job of loosening that build up and if you pull out a dusting can, you’re just making your matters worse. Enter the Zero G weightless vacuum, our weightless vacuum with impeccable ease of use and unmatched suction from our power head designed to loosen dirt, and then use our silver micron bags to ensure your air is clean and you’ll start to wonder why you didn’t get one of these units years ago!


Picture of the ZeroG vacuum cleaner cleaning a ceiling fan

Ceiling Fans and Cobwebs

Much like our window sills and the tops of our doors, our ceiling fans can get pretty nasty without regular use.  Our natural-bristle tools are designed to maneuver into hard to reach places like the tops of ceiling fan blades or into the corners of your rooms. Whether you are doing monthly maintenance style cleaning or trying to de-funk the ceiling fan in that barn that has sat still for months, the Zero G Weightless Vacuum is sure to finish the job with excellent results.


Picture of the ZeroG vacuum cleaner cleaning a lamp shadeCurtains and Lamp Shades

These are a couple of household items we don’t see get quite as much attention, for much of the same reasons as above. Most vacuum providers have some form of tool for the items above, but the ability to clean curtains and lamp shades are an area where the ZeroG Vac really shines. The unmatched suction power lets you quickly clean lamp shades and curtains wherever they may be in your house.  No need to pull everything down and work through it, with regular passes with our lightweight canister vacuum, you’ll be satisfied with the cleanliness through and through.


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