Frequently Asked Questions about the ZeroG

It has been available more than two years.
The warranty is two years, no-quibble, “bumper-to-bumper.”
No, for several reasons: the extra-long power cord is 30' which gives a convenient 38' cleaning radius without re-plugging (not possible with a rewinder); a rewinder would add extra weight and balance issues; and, cord rewinders – like window shades – can be bulky.
The ZeroG has the highest-quality, most complete set of attachments available. From dusting brushes with all-natural bristles (no scratchy, cheaper plastic bristles) to the unique, electrically powered mini StairPro brush (not air-powered), the attachment set allows the ZeroG to clean multiple areas and surfaces throughout the home.
The ZeroG uses bags for a more hygienic approach, especially with its exclusive (patented) SilverMicron anti-microbial bags. The air stays fresher without emptying messy dirt containers and there are no expensive filters to replace.
Perhaps. Current rechargeable batteries have limited energy storage capability. This means a cordless vacuum can either draw the battery’s energy slower (using less power) for a longer run time, or more quickly (using more power) with a shorter run time. The ZeroG’s cleaning power is such that if it ran off a typical battery, it would only run for a few minutes! That’s why the ZeroG, with its REAL cleaning technology, vastly outcleans robo-vacs and stick-vacs. However, if and when battery technology advances so that the ZeroG can operate powerfully and with a sufficient run time, there could be a cordless version.
The ZeroG can clean baseboards, door frames, ceiling fans, railings, shelves, upholstery, mattresses, picture frames, lamp shades, cobwebs in corners, etc. It is especially adept at cleaning under furniture because its low-profile power head can reach far underneath many pieces of furniture and beds.
Since the ZeroG floats a few millimeters above the floor, it will not scratch them, unlike many other vacuums. And it transitions readily from rugs to bare floors and back.
In controlled tests, the ZeroG outcleans vacuums costing twice as much or more. Most importantly, real-life customers tell us that their ZeroGs extract a lot of dirt from carpets that were previously cleaned with another vacuum.
This is a strong point of the ZeroG! It is lightweight and maneuverable to help eliminate sore arms and backs. It automatically adjusts to any flooring surface for optimal cleaning without requiring you to bend down to twist an adjustment knob. And it can be separated into two pieces for moving up stairs to another floor, for example. In fact, several older folks have told us their ZeroG is a godsend that allows them to keep their homes clean without undue effort.
Since the power head typically precedes the floating canister by several feet, the floor is far enough away (or already clean!) before the canister’s air might move it around. Plus, the canister’s underside baffles (patented) make the outgoing air fairly gentle.
The ZeroG is quieter than many other vacuums. The noise level is lower with the power brush switched off for bare floors, but either way the noise level (depending on particular surroundings) is typically less than 76 dBA.
No, even people who have only used a heavier upright state that they were operating their new ZeroG with ease rather quickly. And of course, the ZeroG can do so many things that an upright can’t.
Yes. Premium materials such as stainless steel and robust plastics are used throughout. The custom motors employ 100% copper windings for long life. The belt, which is typically the part that needs replacement most often in other vacuums, is an automotive-quality cogged belt. And since it is protected by the InstaStop anti-jam feature, it will not burn out.
There are three types of bags available: A five-ply paper bag, an Allergen HEPA-like bag, and the exclusive SilverMicron anti-microbial bag that employs a proprietary silver ion layer, similar to surgical masks! The bags are sold in packs of six (with a pre-motor filter) and cost between approximately $2.00 and $2.90 per bag. The ZeroG bags, which seal tightly for disposal, are hygienic and cost less than many other vacuums’ bags. (The description HEPA-like is more accurate than the often-used HEPA.)
The ZeroG works very well on older carpets. Many customers have said that it breathed new life into their older, matted carpets. In fact, several have mentioned that they were considering replacing carpets, but the ZeroG re-invigorated them so well that they did not have to do so, saving them money and hassle.

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