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ZeroG F3D Deluxe Floating Vacuum Cleaner


Pearlescent white. FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states. Canadian customers please click here. Includes: Pearlescent white F3D Deluxe premium vacuum cleaner, StairPro mini power head, Lightweight Plastic Wand, Floor Brush, Soft Dusting Brush (Natural Hair), Crevice tool, Upholstery Brush (Natural Hair), Mesh Carrying Bag.

We accept payment with Amex, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal and Visa. To pay with our new payment plan, please email us. PLEASE NOTE: You do not require a PayPal account to pay via credit card.

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NO-RISK, 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE & 2-year product warranty
Floating Vacuum Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery. If you are dissatisfied with your premium vacuum cleaner purchase, return it to us in the original packaging within 30 days for a full refund. Feel free to contact us via email with any questions.

Check out some of our premium vacuum features:

Unrivaled Dirt Extraction

The ZeroG Weightless Vac can agitate and loosen dirt unlike any vacuum cleaner you’ve used before. Try it risk-free for 30 days to see for yourself!

A Powerful & Competitively Priced Premium Vac

Our proprietary floating vacuum cleaner provides superior cleaning for less.

Weightless Floating Motor Makes Your Work Easy

The ZeroG canister floats by using its own exhaust, making your work easier and faster.

Advanced Power Head Loosens Dirt at the Point of Contact

Our cutting-edge power head is perfect for pet hair and can loosen particles that have been in your carpet for years.

Read this amazing review from one of our customers!

“I am a very busy work-at-home wife and caretaker for both an elderly husband with Alzheimers and a young golden retriever. I normally would not take the time to sit down and write such a long review of a product: the ZeroG changed all that… and this is why!

I was growing tired of being envious of friend’s homes that were immaculate; no fur, no dust, no crumbs… just blissful cleanliness. I would come home to the opposite: dust, fur, crumbs and general dirt. I was sad, I was depressed. I thought, if only my house could be so clean!

Welcome, the ZeroG vacuum!

The ZeroG vacuum continues to amaze me! After using it (happily) again this morning, I felt compelled to write the following:

I purchased my new wonder directly from the manufacturer after some back and forth conversations about warranty, etc. The replies were immediate and taking advantage of Black Friday sale offer, I made the leap to ZeroG and have not regretted a minute!

Background: I bought an extremely overpriced Rainbow vacuum about 20 years ago and while it was efficient, it was cumbersome, expensive to maintain and very heavy… very! Dealing with dirty water bowls and regular maintenance sent me on my next journey… Dyson. After three expensive Dyson uprights (and tossing each and every one) I thought I had discovered the perfect vacuum… the upright Shark. Affordable, somewhat lightweight, but was still left with what to do with the stairs, floor moldings, crevices, etc. It still just left my house not quite clean enough.

So, I googled ‘best lightweight stair vacuum’ and came across the ZeroG. Hmmm.. more than I had planned to spend on just vacuuming golden retriever fur from stairs (and everywhere else!) I thought I would read more about this new “floating vacuum.”

While I thought I would never go back to a canister vac system, I must say ZeroG is the PERFECT solution to all my vacuum needs.

What I LOVE about my new ZeroG: STRONG! I mean, this thing could clean the color out of carpet. I just finished taking it through the ultimate test:

Christmas tree needles: GONE

Furry stair case: GONE

Dusty corners, up AND down: GONE

Laundry room dustups behind washer/dryer: GONE

Kitchen appliance under-crud: GONE

Dusty bookcase/cabinet nook and cranny: GONE

LIGHTWEIGHT! I can easily carry it up and down stairs with very little effort.

IT FLOATS! It just glides around on hardwood AND carpet and never gets stuck behind a chair leg or base cabinet.

ATTACHMENTS! Galore! Have been able to easily switch from one to the other… telescoping poles are invaluable to reach high corners and in between and under appliances.

STAIRS! The best! The motorized attachments get every crumb and hair.

OUTDOORS! Tackled both front and back porches with nozzle and extended tubing. Goodbye cobwebs and brick dust!

ENJOYMENT! I mean, really, who can really say they enjoy vacuuming? ME! I find it to be one of my favorite things to do in my ‘off time’ of other duties. The feeling of accomplishment goes a long way in making for a happy life. Crazy, right?

So, will all this being said, would I recommend ZeroG to family and friends? ABSOLUTELY… in a heartbeat! The ZeroG is the most awesome new family member I have. I look forward to waking up every morning to a fresh and clean bedroom/bathroom and spending time in a fur free house. I sleep better knowing that my dusty headboard and under bed are clean as can be!”

Beth H. USA

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