What Your Current Vacuum Cleaner Might Be Leaving Behind

What Your Current Vacuum Cleaner Might Be Leaving Behind

We don’t think much about our vacuum. As long as it turns on and leaves our floors looking better than they were before, that’s all it takes for us to dust our hands of the job and call it a day. However, an important lesson to learn is that just because the top layer of carpet looks alright, that doesn’t mean you’ve finished the task at hand.

In fact, quite the opposite! Outdated vacuums which are tired and overused have a habit of leaving a lot more dust and dirt behind than you’d imagine. From allergens and dust bunnies to loose trash and dirt, your vacuum may not be cleaning up as well as you thought.

What Your Vacuum Leaves Right Under Your Nose

A cheaply made, low-quality vacuum is just a temporary band-aid fix for a messy home, and it does very little to solve the true mess underneath, and can actually be harmful to your health. If you don’t yet have one of the best canister vacuums designed to give a deep and complete clean, you’ll probably have some of these remains lingering in your home, even after a good vacuuming.

Dirt & Dust

Carpets are complex structures. You have about a hundred variables to consider, from the fiber types to the density of the strands. It’s easy for fine bits of dirt and dust to get packed down into your carpet, and a less-than-excellent suction won’t be able to swallow up those leftovers sticking to your floors.

Pet Hair

For many, the hair our fur babies leaves behind is the worst part of pet parenthood. Vacuums do what they can, but for long-haired animals prone to shedding, it can still feel like the carpet is 50% made of Fido’s fur. You need a vacuum that has enough ability to agitate the carpet fibers to tug that hair right off of it.


Parents of toddlers, or any age children, will know the pain of having to pick each tiny cheerio painfully from the carpet after a temper tantrum. It’s kind of terrifying to think of all the bits of food or trash that has been packed down and hidden in our floors, and most vacuums can’t handle more solid, though small, pieces of debris stuck in the fibers.

How The ZeroG Vac Can Help

The ZeroG Vac is designed to leave nothing behind, even with the thickest, most clingy carpets. With improved air filtration, agitation, and cogged belt, it’s the best at picking up pet hair and leftovers hidden in your floor. Since it’s so light it’s practically weightless, it gives you a quicker, more reliable clean and proves to be extremely portable to cover the whole house, stairs and all.

Better yet, the dynamic build of the ZeroG Vac goes right to the edge of the carpet and can sneak into those troublesome corners with ease. It’s a full clean, each time, and you aren’t keeping any dirty bits left behind.

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