Pro Tips for Vacuuming Your Stairs

Pro Tips for Vacuuming Your Stairs

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Carpeted stairs look great, feel nice, and offer some additional protection… but they can be a real pain trying to keep clean. A lot of people overlook the stairs as part of their spring cleaning routine, but to keep your carpet nice and pretty, it’s important to vacuum them frequently. It’s a challenge, but a light vacuum can help make all the difference!


The Best Tips And Tricks

Lint, dirt, pet fur, and all sorts of other debris get caught on the carpet of your stairs easily. Not to mention all the socks and clutter that seem to end up on the landing, too. At times, it may feel like it’s not worth it, but removing carpet from your stairway is a big job.

You can get the job done a little more simply with the best vacuum for carpeted stairs and these 5 helpful pro-tips. Get your house looking spiff and span in no time!

1.   Get The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

In order to get your stairs vacuumed to the best effect, you need a special device that works with stairs and carpet specifically. Something lightweight, cordless, and with a few different attachments is best for this sort of fixture.

2.   Use A Crevice Piece

Smaller attachments will get into crevices easier. When you’re vacuuming the flat part of each step, a large piece will be fine. When it comes to the corners, the lip of the step, and backboards, and all the other small areas… a crevice attachment is required. You’ll miss all sorts of dirt and debris without this crevice piece.

3.   Move Quickly

Spending tons of time vacuuming stairs is tempting… but truly just a waste. No matter how well you get them tidied up, it won’t be long before you break out the vacuum once more. It’s understandable to want your stairs looking perfect all of the time, but finding a quick and efficient way to get them done is ideal. Find a pattern, and stick with it!

4.   Work From The Top Downwards

Thanks to our helpful friend gravity, the stairs tend to get dirtier the lower you go. When you vacuum your stairs, make sure you start on the first step at the very top. You want to be standing on the second or third below it, and work your way backwards down the stairs. Each step should be cleaned one at a time, and as you move down, your feet never have to touch a freshly cleaned stair step!

5.   Start With An Empty Bag or Canister

It’s pretty common knowledge that frequently emptying out the bag or canister that collects the vacuumed up dirt and dust is essential for vacuuming your home. The cleaner your receptacle, the easier time you’ll have, and the better your floors will work. Make your staircase the first place you start when it’s time for a vacuum overhaul at home. Empty out your bag or canister, and get your stairs the run down with a fresh, clean start.


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