Navigating Around Corners While You Vacuum Made Easy

Navigating Around Corners While You Vacuum Made Easy

Floating Vacuum

If you have an upright vacuum, you’ve probably had to live through the frustrating struggles of trying to vacuum stairs, corners, and under furniture without any luck. As useful and handy as an upright vacuum is, it can’t quite get the full job done. If you’re trying to avoid the dust bunnies that clutter up in the corners and hard to reach places, it’s time to look into a floating vacuum.

Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Outdated Upright Vacuum

Though some upright vacuums may come with an attachment for improved mobility, or even a second hand-vac entirely, it’s a pain to try and struggle with the conversion and they often aren’t as powerful as you’d hope them to be. Getting through corners with an upright vacuum is impossible, and even with a hose attachment, you’ll be spending more time fighting with the device than actually cleaning.

While these models do have some great plus-sides to the task, such as their easy storage capability and the ability to cover large, flat carpet area quickly, the modern floating vac is becoming a popular choice.

How To Use The Floating Vacuum Around Those Pesky Corners

Still haven’t mastered the flawless corner navigation while vacuuming? No problem, it’s a skill that takes practice, and a great machine! Both lightweight and easily transported, these vacuums are designed for optimal portability and can tackle the trickiest areas in your home.

Learn how to perfectly clean out your corners of dust and debris better than an expensive vacuum can do in 4 easy steps.

1. Step One

Start in the corner, with the edge of the vacuum against one wall. Staying against the wall, slowly pull the vacuum out from the starting placed in a consistent, slow line. You may do this a second time, if you feel it is needed.

2. Step Two

Return to the corner starting point, with the vacuum against the opposite wall now. Repeat the slow motion of pulling your floating vacuum in the other direction against the wall over the carpet. Just as before, this can be done twice.

3. Step Three

Vacuum the center space between your two freshly vacuumed lines in the carpet. Get as close to the corner as you can before pulling backwards down the center.

4. Step four

Using a hose attachment on your vacuum, press down into the corner and repeat smaller motions of steps 1-3. Do the sides, and then center first. It should be looking way better now!

Finally, you’ll want to take the hose attachment over the ledge of the wall where the floor meets the siding. Dust can clump there, too!

Using The Floating Vacuum On Stairs

For a special bonus, these vacuums also work amazing on stairs! You can use the same methodical but simple method for the stair corners, and since it’s got an adjustable head, you can also carpet the front of each step easily as well.


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