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FAQ About a Floating Vacuum

How much thought do you put into the tools you use for home cleaning? If you haven’t paid attention to your vacuum cleaner lately, or you’ve been dissatisfied with the effect it has on your floors, it may be time to consider upgrading to a premium option. One of the best-selling models on the market…
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Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

Pets have great benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, encouraging exercise, and establishing routines. However, they also have one major downside: pet hair. Pet hair gets on everything. It gets on clothes, furniture, and even in the cracks and crevices on hardwood floors. And when you try to vacuum it up? It’s a huge pain.…
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How Do I Choose the Best Canister Vacuum for Carpet?

When most people purchase a vacuum, they look at the price point alone and make a decision based on the cheapest option for their budget. While it is important to stay within your price range, there is a lot more going on with your vacuum options than just what comes after a dollar sign. To…
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Why Do I Need a Premium Vacuum Cleaner?

How much thought have you put into the vacuum you own? When did you buy it? Does it get the job done as well as you hope each time without fail? While these may seem like a few silly questions, you’d be surprised at just how disconnected you are from your cleaning products. Since we…
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Why Choose a Canister Vacuum?

Choosing the right vacuum for your home is more than just finding a good bargain. You need a machine that can handle the layout of your home, your specific cleaning needs, and can do so without giving you unnecessary hassle. For many, choosing a canister vacuum is the best solution! If the term is new…
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Make Vacuuming Easy for Elderly Loved Ones

Have you ever struggled with getting the perfect gift for Grandma or your elderly Mother-In-Law? Buying gifts that are both practical and a bit of a splurge is a tough job, but so is getting a home clean in your later years. You could incorporate the benefits of a better vacuum with the upcoming holiday…
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What Your Current Vacuum Cleaner Might Be Leaving Behind

We don’t think much about our vacuum. As long as it turns on and leaves our floors looking better than they were before, that’s all it takes for us to dust our hands of the job and call it a day. However, an important lesson to learn is that just because the top layer of…
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Keeping Your Home Free of Allergens

From pet hair and dander to pollen and mold, allergens have a sneaky way of infiltrating your home and causing misery at any time during the year. While there are some ways to keep the allergens at bay, such as a HEPA air filtration system or special allergen sprays, these can be expensive purchases and…
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Picture of the ZeroG vacuum cleaner cleaning a ceiling fan

ZeroG Weightless Vac: What Can it Do?

The better question may be “What can it NOT do?” As we explore our product we have discovered many more uses than originally intended and would love to share them with you here.   Cleaning the Tops of Doors & Window Sills Your doors and window sills get dirty and the fact that they sit…
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Floating Vacuum

Navigating Around Corners While You Vacuum Made Easy

If you have an upright vacuum, you’ve probably had to live through the frustrating struggles of trying to vacuum stairs, corners, and under furniture without any luck. As useful and handy as an upright vacuum is, it can’t quite get the full job done. If you’re trying to avoid the dust bunnies that clutter up…
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