Why is my vacuum spitting out dirt?

Why is my vacuum spitting out dirt?

The purpose of a vacuum is to take in dirt and debris with a suction mechanism, so when your vacuum stops suctioning and starts spitting out the dirt it’s supposed to collect, it can be a little unnerving. Let’s talk about a couple of reasons why your vacuum may stop suctioning.

Reasons Your Vacuum Is Spitting Out Dirt

  1. The bag is too full. If your vacuum bag is full, then there can be a loss of suctioning power because there’s nowhere to put the dirt the vacuum is collecting. For a vacuum with reusable bags, it’s best to clear the bag before starting your vacuuming for the day. For other vacuums, it’s imperative to keep replacement bags on-hand.
  2. It’s clogged. The most common reason why your vacuum may stop suctioning is because of a blockage. Whether there’s a clog in the main body of the vacuum, the initial suctioning tool, or the hose, it’ll probably have to be cleaned out before the vacuum resumes its original suctioning power.
  3. The belt is broken. Lastly, the vacuum may have a broken belt. The belt on the vacuum is broken, then it will have to be repaired by professionals. For a cheap vacuum, this may not be a good financial investment.


Ultimately, if your vacuum is having issues, then it may not be strong enough for the dirt you’re collecting. Most vacuums are capable of picking up dust and fine debris, but if you’re looking for a vacuum that is all-around good quality and able to pick up unique things like pet hair and bigger debris particles, then it may be time to invest in a vacuum like the ZeroG Weightless Vac. Not only does the ZeroG vacuum have superior suctioning power and patented edge-cleaning technology, it’s also designed with automotive-grade materials and is made to last.

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