Why Choose a Canister Vacuum?

Why Choose a Canister Vacuum?

Choosing the right vacuum for your home is more than just finding a good bargain. You need a machine that can handle the layout of your home, your specific cleaning needs, and can do so without giving you unnecessary hassle.

For many, choosing a canister vacuum is the best solution! If the term is new to you, or it’s not something you have considered for your home yet,

Why You May Need A Canister Vacuum

A canister vacuum is different from what is considered the more traditional model, the upright vacuum. An upright vacuum uses bags that need to be changed to hold the dirt and debris it picks up from the floor. Similar to the way bags work, a canister vacuum stores the waste in a canister pod that is located on the engine of the vacuum, usually at a bit of a tilt. Both offer great benefits, but the canister vacuum is unique in ways that will work great for certain households.

Benefits Of Canister Vacuums

While the upright vacuum is enjoyed for being reliable, familiar, and good for heavy-duty carpet cleaning, you shouldn’t be quick to write off canister vacuums as inefficient in comparison. In fact, canister vacuums do an amazing job over a multitude of surfaces, and offer plenty of beneficial features and abilities, such as:

  • Being Lightweight & Portable. Since it’s designed with just the engine, casing, and hose, these vacuums barely weight anything at all, and they can be deconstructed for easy transportation.
  • Improved Maneuverability with Extended Hose. For getting in those deep corners and hard to reach places, the whole canister vacuum is equipped with a hose instead of the upright arm as a traditional vacuum.
  • Powerful Engines. With more wiggle room when it comes to size and design, the motors on canister vacuums tend to be far more efficient with higher sucking power.
  • Very Quiet. The insulation of the canister vacuum helps to muffle, and at times, nearly entirely mask the sounds of the machine during the vacuuming process.
  • Plenty of Additional Options for Accessories. Many different attachments and tools can be used in harmony with the canister vacuum design, including attachments to make it easier for large carpets.

Cons Of Canister Vacuums

Of course, all good things come with a downside. Canister vacuums are great for the job it’s meant to do, but there are a few cons that have potential purchasers reconsidering, such as:

  • Requires Assembly
  • You Drag The Canister With You
  • More Expensive

Who Benefits The Most?

Since it’s harder to use a canister vacuum to quickly cover large spaces of thick carpet, if your home is mostly carpeted or has a lot of shag materials, the canister isn’t your best option. It does best in homes and businesses with multiple surfaces used for flooring, such as tile, wood, or concrete. Thanks to this, it’s great for industrial cleaning jobs, modern homes, or detail cleaning.

Since it has a lot of great advantages, this type of canister vacuum is a device that nearly any home could benefit from having on hand for those deep, Spring cleaning sprees.

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