Why A Great Vacuum Cleaner is a Good Investment

Why A Great Vacuum Cleaner is a Good Investment

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Most vacuum cleaners today that you see in big box retail stores all have one thing in common; they clean. So why do prices matter? The higher end vacuum cleaners, if you can make room in your budget for them, are better in terms of longevity and cleaning power.

1. Longer Lasting

Top rated vacuum brands all share similarities and have some differences, but quality does come at a price. The components in high end vacuum cleaners are built to last, and normally come with extended warranties in the event that something unprecedented happens. Most cheaper vacuums don’t last nearly as long, and will eventually fail and parts to replace them are harder to find.

Top rated vacuums are easier to support, as supply creates demand especially for third parties to manufacture replacement parts. Since you can just buy a replacement piece for anything that gets damaged, you could be extending the life of your vacuum for years longer than the average.

2. Better Cleaning

As mentioned above, quality comes at a price because the gadgets and components that are included in these vacuum cleaners are built to give you a deeper, better clean. The higher quality the part, the more it can do. High end vacuum cleaners don’t mess around, and they will give you a deeper clean with less time spent having to vacuum more than once.

The bristles will penetrate the carpet easier, allowing for more dirt and hair embedded in the fibers to come out. Coupled with the powerful suction most higher end vacuums are known for, will leave your floors cleaner than you expected.

3. Portability

A lot of these vacuum cleaners are also more lightweight, or come with more complex attachments and features that make it easier for you to clean more. This includes your furniture. With the amount of gadgets and extensions provided it makes it easier for you to vacuum that pet hair off your couch, or even get underneath of it without having to move everything around for a total cleaning.

Some high end vacuums even come with attachments for your pets! You can use these attachments to put the cleaner a safe distance away to avoid upsetting your pet as you vacuum away the hair they shed before it gets on the floor or furniture. Some will even break down to make it easier for you to vacuum your stairs, so you don’t have to carry the entire device up and down as you vacuum.

4. Healthier Lifestyle

Most of the top rated vacuums have higher quality air filters in them as well, trapping the dust and allergens that are residing in your carpet. This leaves the air that the vacuum ejects cleaner, and doesn’t toss all of that dust and dirt back into the air to settle into the carpet you just cleaned.

Less allergens in the air mean less allergies, this is especially helpful to those who have pets in their homes, for when guests who may have a sensitivity to pet dander or just dust in general come over.


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