What is considered the best lightweight vacuum?

What is considered the best lightweight vacuum?

When it comes to selecting the best lightweight vacuum, this is not a decision that many take lightly. Premium vacuum cleaners tend to be a little more expensive than standard models, but this comes from the high-quality materials and strong motors, as well as their many other amazing qualities; including a lightweight design.

It’s no surprise that lightweight vacuum cleaners have been dominating the home cleaning scene, and for good reason. Out of the leading brands in the market, the Zero G Vac has been making a remarkable name for itself, and has many qualities that contribute to its rapid popularity as the best lightweight vacuum.

Qualities In The Best Lightweight Vacuum: The Zero G Vac

The best lightweight vacuum has to do more than just weigh less than 6lbs and look nice. The inside of the Zero G Vac is just as impressive as the outside, and you’re about to find out why.

1. Powerful, Quiet Motor & Brush

The quiet operation of the brush and motor make this great for families and pet homes. The stats lie around 76 dba with the powerbrush on, or 70 with it switched off. The brush itself is made for high-performance, and is perfect for hard-to-reach areas and stubborn pet hair and debris.

2. Advanced Technology & Features

There is far more to the Zero G Vac than meets the eye. It accurately boasts of an unparalleled performance, from a full ½ gallon dirt capacity to the motor windings made with 100% high-quality copper. Both inside and out, this premium vacuum creates a unique, dynamic, and highly efficient cleaning experience for your home and any flooring type within it.

3. Sleek Design

Of course, the best lightweight vacuum must be essentially weightless and come with an incredibly compact, portable build. The Zero G Vac meets each criteria, but pushes the boundaries even further. It has no irritating wheels; simply floats behind you on a cushion of air as you vacuum. The low-profile design allows for easy vacuuming around and under furniture, over stairs, and in corners.

4. Amazing Customer Reviews

When it comes to verified customer testimonials, the Zero G vac has little competition. Customers have had plenty to say in regards to the power and efficiency of the lightweight vacuum that has put all others to shame. Unrivaled dirt extraction has left many happy customers with healthier, brighter, cleaner homes thanks to the quick ‘n easy cleaning ability the Zero G Vac offers.

5. Affordable Price

Ultimately, every home should be able to get access to a premium vacuum, so the Zero G Vac is competitively priced to be within reason for this level of efficient vacuum. It does far more than any standard appliance can offer, so the price reflects this, but it’s comparatively more affordable than similar brands on the market today. Plus, with frequent deals and specials being offered to potential customers, you can always find a way to save extra cash with Zero G Vac.

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