The Perks of Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

The Perks of Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuuming is boring, annoying, and time-consuming… plus required for a happy, clean home. If you hate the monotonous task of it, like most people, trying lightweight vacuum cleaners could be your God-sent answer.


What’s So Great About Lightweight

The best vacuum cleaner is one that makes the job easier, not harder. For many of the best-selling vacuums out there, it’s a chore just getting started. A light vacuum task can easily become a monthly monster to dread, but fortunately, there is a way to change your attitude and experience.

A lightweight vacuum cleaner takes all the difficult aspects of vacuuming and reduces it, providing you with a much better way of keeping your home clean. Want to see the proof?

1.   Less Work

Picture it; you’re lugging out the old vacuum, tangling with the cord, dragging it through the halls, and your arms ache. Up and down stairs, in and out of the bedrooms, and you’re not even halfway done with the whole house before you give up. Sound familiar? With a lightweight vacuum, you cut out all of that hassle, since you can easily carry your vacuum. Plus, less cord problems!

2.   A Better Clean

It’s hard to get a big, bulky vacuum into those hard-to-reach places, plus they’re slower. The small, powerful floating vacuums can be nudged in tight spots and have powerful engines with advanced technology that helps them suck up the hardest dirt spots and flush out the tiniest of crevices. Since you’re not fighting the vacuum, you can focus solely on getting the most dirt sucked up.

3.   More Features

Since lightweight vacuums are usually more modern and cutting edge, you get a lot more for your buck when you invest in one of these. With multiple vacuum heads, settings, speeds, and even uses, a lightweight vacuum provides a more well-rounded, holistic approach for your floors cleanliness.

4.   Competitively Priced

Vacuums are expensive. We’ve all gotten that one cheap vacuum, and then lived with the frustration of dirty carpet floors for months to follow. The sad truth is, if you want a decent device, you need to shell out the cash. Lightweight vacuums can usually be found at much better prices, especially considering all that they can do for your floors!

5.   Canister VS Bags

We are all in agreement that cleaning out those nasty debris containers is the worst part of vacuuming, but probably the most important. The days of wrestling with a full, gross vacuum bag full of lint, dust, dirt, and small debris is over. With most lightweight vacuums, an easy-to-remove, easy to clean canister is installed that sucks in the drama and keeps it there.

6.   Easier To Store

The smaller the device, the easier it is to stash it. Pretty simple, right? Lightweight vacuums do come in various sizes, but their compact design and sleek concept make it easy to whisk away into a corner of a closet. A floating vacuum with just a hand-held piece and a few head devices will be even easier to hide away, too.


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