Details & Specs

lightweight canister vacuum

Why Choose A Lightweight Canister Vacuum Like the ZeroG Weightless Vac?

Effortless vacuuming

Glides weightlessly behind you on a cushion of air
Lightweight canister vacuum is easy to carry
Compact and easily storable

Engineered & constructed for long life

Premium plastic & metal components
Automotive-Quality cogged belts & 100% copper motor windings
More than 1/2-gallon dirt capacity
ZeroG powerbrush image

Quiet Operation

70 dba with powerbrush off • 76 dba with powerbrush on

Unparalleled performance

Brings new life back to old carpets
Outstanding pet-hair pickup
And no wheels means no marring hardwood floors

Advanced High-Performance Powerbrush

Unprecedented cleaning and maneuverability

Patented Edge-Cleaning Boosters

Extract dirt right to the carpet’s edge on both sides of the nozzle
ZeroG hoses image

Low-profile Design

Vacuum easily beneath furniture

InstaStop Smart Module

Digital Electronics with auto shut-off means no more burning belts

Self-adjusting Base

No need for height-adjustment contraptions
Automatically adjusts to most thicknesses of carpet
Designed to operate on both carpets and bare floors

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Please note: Not all parts included with all models.

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