New Product from ZeroG You Need to Breathe to Believe!

New Product from ZeroG You Need to Breathe to Believe!


Floating Vacuum Silver Micron Bags

Introducing a revolutionary, anti-microbial vacuum bag for the incomparable ZeroG Floating Vacuum Sytem: The SilverMicron vacuum bag! This multi-layer bag (patent-pending) has one layer infused with silver ions, similar to the technology used in surgical masks in hospitals throughout the world. The SilverMicron bag is exclusive to the ZeroG Floating Vacuum System.

The SilverMicron bag inhibits the growth of over 800 microbes that can be found in the home environment, including E. coli. Coupled with its HEPA-like layers, this vacuum bag provides unrivaled cleaning hygiene when used with the ZeroG vacuum. Households having people sensitive to allergens, dander, etc will find this approach to vacuuming to be a “must”.

A recent review from a “mountain mom” here in Colorado captures the hard work of the ZeroG Weightless Vac quite well: “Now that I’ve tried a ‘next level’ vacuum cleaner, I have to recommend this for sucking up dog and cat hair in a seriously impressive fashion.  I was so happy at how this works, and leaves my carpets better than they have looked in years.” and “what sells me the most is the mind-blowing, high power suction of this vacuum. You can HEAR it pulling out all the dinge.”

If you’ve been looking for a way to ensure that the air and surfaces in your home get even cleaner each time you run your vacuum, you need look no further! The unique combination of the powerful suction in the ZeroG Vacuum and the fine filters of the SilverMicron bag come together to create the perfect vacuum system. For a difference you’ll notice every time you inhale, turn to ZeroG and the new SilverMicron bag!

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