Keeping Your Home Free of Allergens

Keeping Your Home Free of Allergens

From pet hair and dander to pollen and mold, allergens have a sneaky way of infiltrating your home and causing misery at any time during the year. While there are some ways to keep the allergens at bay, such as a HEPA air filtration system or special allergen sprays, these can be expensive purchases and difficult to keep up with.

4 Ways To Achieve An Allergen-Free Home

We all know the tips; keep the house clean, close the windows and doors, and don’t let the dust pile up. Maybe you’ve been advised to void pets, or to keep them in specific rooms, but that’s much easier said than done. No matter the allergy-busting secrets you’ve been given, here are a few more quick, easy ways to end the suffering at home year round!

Invest In A Great Vacuum

Top rated vacuums have the ability to help eliminate allergens. Choosing a vacuum that has a high efficiency particulate air filter and anti-allergen features (such as being low-pile) can help you beat the seasonal bug once and for all. Keeping up with a weekly vacuum treatment to your floors can also really help in curbing the allergic reactions as well.

By also making sure you use high-quality vacuum bags (or canisters, depending on your model), you can help prevent allergies being released back out when you change the bag. 5-ply, microfilter, allergen-free bags are best, so make sure you choose a vacuum model that supports this kind of high-protection bag.

Even more, you can further obliterate allergens and other harmful particulates with a floating vacuum that comes with attachments, settings, and features designed for a deeper, more efficient clean. The dust bunnies in the corners could be what is making your nose run and eyes water, so get a cleaner that can fight it for you with ease.

Regularly Wash The Bedding

If you don’t already use bedding that is designed to prevent dust-mites and allergens, you should consider making the switch as soon as possible. Synthetic materials are always better than wool or otherwise heavy, thick options, and you have to be diligent in cleaning your bedding. This means the sheets and pillow cases, too, every week!

Handle Any Moisture Problems

One of the worst allergens that is most common in an average home is unknown mold. Moisture is what gives this allergen a perfect breeding ground, so make sure your basements have no leaks, the windows aren’t covered in condensation, and you’re leaving sinks clean, dry, and empty after use. You may also need to check your dryer to ensure it’s venting the moisture from freshly washed clothes outside and not back into the laundry room.

Repaint The Walls

Wallpaper is a great place for allergens to breed and get trapped, and no amount of vacuuming or washing the bedding will solve that. Instead, strip your home of problematic wallpaper and stick with mold-resistant paint. It’s usually made with enamel, and it lasts longer and holds up nicer than wallpaper anyway. Your walls will be a little better protected and you’ll have less of an allergen problem to worry about.

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