How to Use a Home Vacuum Cleaner in the Car

How to Use a Home Vacuum Cleaner in the Car

Most people use a wet/dry vac to clean out their vehicles, but you don’t need one, especially if you invest in a quality home vacuum. With the right home vacuum, you can use the same attachments you use inside your home to clean out the interior of your vehicle.

How to use a home vacuum cleaner in the car

  1. Get the right vacuum. Let’s face it. You’re not going to be able to fit a typical upright vacuum inside your vehicle, and on top of that, trying to finagle the attachments is more of a headache than anything else. If you purchase the right vacuum for your home, such as a canister vacuum with accessories, you will be able to clean your home and vehicle with one vacuum.
  2. Take the mats out and sweep them. The first step to cleaning your vehicle is removing the floor mats. They carry the majority of the debris, and they can be swept and cleaned without spreading their dirt. A vacuum with small suction attachments can get into every crevice of the interior mats.
  3. Use suction attachments for the interior. Once the mats have been removed and cleaned, the rest of the vehicle simply needs the right hose attachment with powerful suction. The ZeroG floating vacuum offers plenty of attachments to make cleaning the inside of your car just as easy as cleaning the living room.

Investing in the right vacuum cleaner can turn the chore of cleaning out the interior of your car into something that not only takes seconds but is also enjoyable to accomplish. With the right home vacuum, such as the ZeroG weightless vacuum, you can make great use of our various attachments and easily remove pet hair in your upholstery!  Combine unparalleled suctioning power with ease of use and enjoy a hassle-free car-cleaning experience and order today.

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