How to pick a vacuum with the best suction

How to pick a vacuum with the best suction

The hardest part about picking a vacuum is knowing what type of suction to get. It’s always disappointing when you get home with your new vacuum and realize that the quality of the suction is no match for fine pet hairs and the daily dirt and stains from a busy household.

Here are some tips for picking a vacuum with quality suction.

How to Pick a Vacuum with GOOD suction

  1. Assess the engine. The most important thing to look at when selecting a vacuum with superior suction is to look at the engine. No matter what size engine it is, the efficiency of the engine is usually around 35%. This means that if you have thousand-watt power consumption, you’re getting 250 to 350 watts of power.
  2. Check the type of vacuum. In this case, the type of vacuum matters. An upright vacuum will usually have less suction power than a canister, and a battery-powered vacuum will most likely have the least amount of suction.
  3. Count the filters. Filters and suction power have a direct correlation. The more complex filters, the less the suction power. Vacuum cleaners with multiple filters may have better resistance to air, but it might only collect large particles of dust at the same time.
  4. Review the assembly. If all the other things check out and your vacuum still doesn’t have very good suction, you might want to check the quality of the vacuum’s assembly. A properly assembled vacuum will perform better than one improperly assembled even if they have the same power.


If you’re looking for a vacuum with all-around good suction, then a ZeroG vacuum is what you’re looking for. Tested against other vacuums, it has a superior cleaning quality with the power to deep clean even the most set in particles from your carpet. It also has patented edge-cleaning boosters, so even the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices receive the same treatment as the rest of your floor.

The ZeroG vacuum is an investment, but with unmatched power and a unique and easy-to-use design, it’s worth every penny.

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