How Do I Choose the Best Canister Vacuum for Carpet?

How Do I Choose the Best Canister Vacuum for Carpet?

Best Canister Vacuum for Carpet

When most people purchase a vacuum, they look at the price point alone and make a decision based on the cheapest option for their budget. While it is important to stay within your price range, there is a lot more going on with your vacuum options than just what comes after a dollar sign.

To ensure you are truly getting the best vacuum for the job, make sure you’re looking a little deeper than the depth of your wallet and really considering the options and how they would benefit you and your home the best.

Choosing The Best Canister Vacuum For Your Carpets

Before rushing into a decision, consider these 5 aspects of a great vacuum. The best canister vacuum for carpets will meet each of these requirements in the way that best suits your home and cleaning style without breaking the bank unnecessarily.

Suction Power

Obviously the most important part of your chosen vacuum is the ability it has to suck up the dirt, dust, grime, fur, and debris on your carpets and tuck it away forever. Many vacuums don’t have the sheer force needed to get deep into carpets, especially thick or shag ones, and instead only graze the surface and grab what is sitting on top. You need a vacuum that has both the ability to agitate the dirt and aerate it, while giving enough suction power to suck it into the machine.

Cleaning Modes

Some canister vacuums designed for carpets will feature multiple modes for cleaning, including one that is designed for “wet cleaning”. It’s like a mini carpet shampoo and great for dealing with spills or other tough-to-clean areas. These are a more expensive version of a canister vacuum, though.

Filter Types

The vacuum you choose for your carpets should use a HEPA filtration system to help cut back on allergies and illness. Make sure you’re aware of the filters your vacuum needs and opt for the model that will do best with the efficient ones that help keep you healthy and safe.

Easy Maintenance

No one likes struggling to change a vacuum bag or canister, or drag the device around, or constantly having it break. You also don’t want to worry about finding a place for storage for a giant, bulky vacuum. Consider the extra work you’ll have to put into maintenance while you’re making your decision and get the one with the lightest requirement from you.

Nozzles & Attachments

Many premium vacuums that are designed for excellent carpet cleaning will be small and trimmed down to the basics on the outside, with powerful motors and technology on the inside. They are designed this way to allow you to use a variety of different nozzles, heads, and attachments. Looking at the available accessories and their price can help you determine which brand and design is best for you, and keep you from spending unnecessary money on extras you don’t need.

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