Cleaning carpet like a pro

Cleaning carpet like a pro

4 Top Tips for Vacuuming Carpet Like a Pro

If you have carpet in your home or business, making sure that it is consistently and properly vacuumed is key to ensuring that it lasts for a long time and looks great. However, in our busy lives, vacuuming can be the last thing on our mind — until it’s too late. Avoid seeing crumbs, dirt, and debris leave unfortunate wear and tear on your carpet with these vacuuming tips!

1.  What Gets Scheduled Is What Gets Done

It may seem like a no-brainer, but what you put on your calendar will most likely be what is accomplished. You wouldn’t skip a work meeting or a date with your significant other — so treat the tender love and care of your carpet the same way! Make sure to keep a consistent carpet vacuuming routine by scheduling your cleaning into your calendar.

2.  Even Cleaning Tools Need To Be Cleaned

Let’s admit it — we’ve all been there. We bust out our vacuum to quickly clean our carpet, only to notice that those crumbs and debris are still on the ground after we’ve cleaned. Is it the vacuum? Perhaps not. A common issue for many carpet owners is not keeping the vacuum bag or canister cleaned out. When the vacuum is clogged with weeks of dirt and floor junk, it becomes increasingly difficult for your vacuum to keep a powerful suction. Avoid having to reclean by cleaning your vacuum out before or after each carpet cleaning.

3.  Those Attachments Exist For A Reason

Did you know those various attachments that come with the vacuum exist for a reason? The hoses and nozzles that come with many vacuums can help you clean the hard to reach areas of carpet under furniture and behind appliances. By taking the time to learn how each attachment works, you can better clean your carpet properly, and keep your floors looking brand new for longer!

4.  Make Sure You Have The Right Vacuum For The Job

Just as there are many different types and materials of carpet, there are just as many vacuum options to choose from. Make sure that your vacuum is rated to clean the type of carpet that is throughout your home or business. Some vacuums feature canisters with hose and brush attachments, while other models have an all-in-one construction that is great for cleaning while standing. Learn the pros and cons of each model and how each one works for your carpet and floor plan.

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