Canister Vs Upright

Canister Vs Upright

Choosing The Right Vacuum for You

When it comes to selecting a new vacuum for your home, the endless choices available are enough to make your head turn. Should you go with the fancy, slim upright vacuum that features an all-in-one format? Do the hoses and nozzles of a canister option scare you away? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each option, and see which vacuum choice is right for your home’s needs!

Is Upright Right For Me?

An upright vacuum brings the features that most homeowners look for in their cleaning supplies — a self-contained unit, minimal parts, and the ability to easily store the entire vacuum in a single place. However, the all-in-one nature of an upright vacuum can lead to a heavier unit. This option is great for individuals whose homes feature open spaces, and are great for covering a large space quickly. This type of vacuum is great for those who enjoy cleaning while standing — but it may be necessary to clean the vacuum out more frequently due to the smaller container on the vacuum itself.

When A Canister Is The Best Choice

A canister vacuum features increased cleaning flexibility due to its structure of nozzle and hoses. For those who have homes with stairs or hard to reach spaces, a canister vacuum could be just the thing to make sure that your entire home is clean! With a canister that is separate from the hose and nozzle, these vacuums are often large and can store more dirt and dust than a conventional upright vacuum. This makes these vacuums great for use in places where a lot of debris may be present.

The Verdict

Both the upright and canister vacuum features elements that make them a great option for specific purposes. When you are headed to purchase a new vacuum, take stock of the area you are planning to clean, the storage space you have available, and how much dirt and debris you plan to clean up in one cleaning. By planning ahead, you can make the informed decision that saves you time, effort — and most importantly — money!

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