Can You Really Use a Vacuum on Both Carpet and Hardwood?

Can You Really Use a Vacuum on Both Carpet and Hardwood?

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Hardwood flooring is the same as carpet in the sense that it needs to be maintained to keep it looking clean and polished. The flooring itself can also been unpleasant to walk on barefoot if it’s covered in debris and dirt, which is why you’d want to keep it clean.

Because of these reasons, so many homeowners choose carpet instead… but the aesthetic value of hardwood flooring is hard to beat. Vacuums make keeping hardwood flooring clean, but not all vacuums are made to be used on this material.

The New Vacuum

Some top rated vacuum brands have the ability to do this, through what is considered a “canister vacuum”. Canister vacuums are unlike your standard vacuum most picture in their minds; the type that you push in front of you. These devices depend on the unit being in mostly two different pieces, the “canister” that holds the engine and the bag, and the hose which can be used on a variety of different attachments and therefore make it easier to clean more.

Because the engine is separated from the main attachment piece, this means the canister that holds it can be bigger, meaning the vacuum power itself can be significantly more than your standard upright vacuum. Just because it’s bigger doesn’t make it louder, however, which is definitely a plus side to this device. Because the canister itself can be bigger, this leaves room for more insulation to place around the engine of the vacuum itself, giving you a quieter cleaning experience.

Does It Really Work On Both Flooring?

The wand at the end of the hose connected to the canister itself also has its upsides, because it’s not limited to being all one unit it can have more portability. This means for those hard to reach places (under the couch, on the stairs, even the tops of dressers and wardrobes) can be cleaned of dust and debris that settles on or under them with ease. Now how does all of this come into play on hardwood floors?

Because most upright vacuums have motorized brushes, this means that without friction for the bristles on the brush to grab to the dust and dirt on your hardwood flooring is more likely to be tossed around than sucked into the nozzle itself and into the vacuum itself. Most canister vacuums have the option to disable or even remove the brush itself from the wand to allow just air to help grab the debris from the floor.

As most people know, hardwood flooring is difficult to maintain as it needs treatments and clear coat, and a lot of things can scratch the shiny finish or even gouge through completely and damage the hardwood itself. Because motorized brushes often use harder bristles to help penetrate the carpet to remove stuck in dirt, this means that it has the potential to leave scratches all over your hardwood flooring if you’re not careful.


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