Best vacuum for Families with Kids

Best vacuum for Families with Kids

Picking the right vacuum for a family with children can be a difficult task. The vacuum has to perform a necessary set of duties, such as being optimized for different flooring surfaces and having strong suctioning power to pick up small and larger items. It also must come with appropriate attachments to pick up craft supplies, such as cut paper and glitter. With all this in mind, one of the best vacuums for families with children is ZeroG Weightless Vac.

Best vacuum for Families with Kids

The ZeroG Weightless vacuum is an amazing vacuum for families. Not only does it have superb suctioning power, but it also has a plethora of quality attachments, premium plastic and metal components, and a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver design. The ZeroG vacuum has an innovative design that allows it to glide weightlessly behind you on a cushion of air. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to use, including children and senior adults.

This vacuum has been made to last a very long time. It sports premium plastic and metal components, automotive-quality cogged belts and copper motor winding, and it has a half-gallon dirt capacity.

However, the best parts about this vacuum are its high-performance power brushes and its patented edge-cleaning boosters. The ZeroG vacuum has unprecedented cleaning maneuverability along with the ability to extract dirt right to the carpet’s edge on both sides of the cleaning nozzle. This means it has the capability to pick up even the smallest items from the tightest corners.

Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say about their experience: “Since the COVID restrictions prohibit our housecleaners from coming, I’ ve been personally doing a lot more vacuuming and am even more impressed by what a high quality unit the ZeroG is. Does a great job on both rugs and carpets. Seems to have the most powerful suction of any vacuum we have owned!” – Jim J

If you’re looking for a quality family vacuum that is designed to last a long time and has superior cleaning power for every type of mess and any kind of surface, then you’re looking for a vacuum like the ZeroG Weightless Vac.

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