Best vacuum for berber carpet

Best vacuum for berber carpet

Berber carpet is the name used for carpet that has a weaving pattern that creates loops. Berber carpet also has flecks of darker colors against a lighter background. These loops can be made by machine or hand, but they’re most often done by machine nowadays. Modern Berber carpet is highly durable, making it a good choice for high traffic areas, busy households, and commercial spaces.

For Berber carpeting, you need a vacuum with no beater bar, powerful suction, and you must decide between a canister or upright vacuum.

Using a ZeroG Vacuum for Berber Carpet

The main concern when it comes to cleaning Berber carpet is taking care to keep the loops of the carpet intact. Vacuums with powerful suction and harsh beater bars can do more damage than good by destroying the nature of the carpet, creating snags and runs.

The ideal vacuum for Berber carpet is one with plenty of interchangeable attachments along with powerful suction. The ZeroG vacuum has both of these things. It also has a patented floating design that allows the canister body to float across surfaces rather than roll across them. This design further protects the qualities of your Berber carpeting.


The ZeroG vacuum is an all-around vacuum that excels in cleaning capacity no matter what surface it’s on. When it comes to the unique qualities of Berber carpeting, the ZeroG offers superior suction capabilities and a multitude of attachments so that you can clean your Berber carpet safely and efficiently.

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