Best home vacuum

Best home vacuum

Everyone’s home is different, but for the most part, a home vacuum is universal. You may need a special vacuum if you have a pack of labrador retrievers or if you suffer heavily from asthma, but a good home vacuum is normally a good all-around vacuum.

A good home vacuum should excel on hardwood, carpet, and with pet hair as these are the three most common reasons people purchase vacuums.

Let’s talk about why ZeroG makes an excellent home vacuum.

ZeroG for your Home

  1. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use. ZeroG has a unique, lightweight design that allows it to glide over surfaces on a cushion of air. Gone are the days of trying to navigate wheels around corners or getting exhausted from dragging a heavy canister vacuum behind you.
  2. It offers unparalleled suction capabilities. With an unprecedented suction power, this vacuum excels on carpets. Even the deepest, most inset stains and dirt are no match for the ZeroG vacuum. The ZeroG will clean right to the carpet’s edge on both sides of the vacuum with its patented edge-cleaning boosters.
  3. It has attachments for every surface. The ZeroG comes with a collection of attachments that make it the perfect vacuum for any surface. There is a dusting brush, a sofa tool, a telescope wand, carpet tool, and more. No matter what surface needs cleaning, ZeroG has the ideal attachment for it.

No matter what your household looks like, if you’re looking for a good vacuum to take care of spilled cheerios one morning and pet hair the next, you’re looking for a vacuum that can perform well on every surface, you’re looking for the ZeroG F3D Deluxe Floating Vacuum.

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